Sept-2022 / Coming soon!!!

Jul-2022 / Atención y distracción: dos caras de la misma moneda. Based on our paper: Arana, L., Melcón, M., Kessel, D., Hoyos, S., Albert, J., Carretié, L., & Capilla, A. (2022). Suppression of alpha‐band power underlies exogenous attention to emotional distractors. Psychophysiology, e14051.

Jun-2022 / After a long break… NeuroBeers is back!!

Bodies and tools: a natural history of the human brain with Emiliano Bruner

Sept-2020 / Based on our recently published paper: Alzueta, E., Melcón, M., Jensen, O., & Capilla, A. (2020). The ‘Narcissus Effect’: Top-down alpha-beta band modulation of face-related brain areas during self-face processing. NeuroImage, 116754.

Dec-2018 / Interesting talk: 
El sendero de la neurociencia on December 12th at 6:00 pm, salón de actos del CSIC (Serrano, 117, Madrid). Also in streaming.

Sept-2018 / In La Noche Europea de los Investigadores we tested the memory and attention of our audience. A lot of children came to our stand to know more about how the brain works, and to see their brain waves with EEG.

Jul-2018 / The 3rd Edition of NeuroBeers on July 5th was a success.

Javier González-Rosa explained to us the basis of brain stimulation…

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Feb-2018 / Ediciones UAM has just published: Psychtoolbox. A brief guide to start programming experiments in Psychology,
by María Hernández-Lorca and Almudena Capilla