Apr-2023 / Ne-Cog-UAM joined to the 9th Edition of NeuroBeers! Why does our brain loves music? Josep Marco Pallarés

Mar-2023 / NeCog-UAM celebrates the XII Fair of Madrid es Ciencia, showing how it is to be a brain electrician for one day!

Take a look on the event here.

January 12th opens the date for applying to FPI grants from the Spanish Ministry of Science (Predoctoral Research Contracts). Deadline is on January 26th, 14h.

NeCog-UAM is offering an FPI position for the project  The natural frequencies of the human brain: network connectivity, dependence on cognitive state, and waveform features. Previous experience in acquisition and analysis of magneto/electroencephalographic data, knowledge of multivariate analysis and programming skills would be highly appreciated.

All information about the application process can be found here.

For additional information about our research group or project, you can contact to

Nov-2022 / NeuroBeers celebrated the Week of Science and Innovation!!

Artificial Intelligence: from the rebellion of the machines to the study of the human brain with Juan Eloy Arco

Sept-2022 / The 7th Edition of NeuroBeers

Does the brain feel or does the heart think? The neurophysiological basis of our emotional experience with Alejandro de la Torre

Jul-2022 / Atención y distracción: dos caras de la misma moneda. Based on our paper: Arana, L., Melcón, M., Kessel, D., Hoyos, S., Albert, J., Carretié, L., & Capilla, A. (2022). Suppression of alpha‐band power underlies exogenous attention to emotional distractors. Psychophysiology, e14051.

Jun-2022 / After a long break… NeuroBeers is back!!

Bodies and tools: a natural history of the human brain with Emiliano Bruner

Sept-2020 / Based on our recently published paper: Alzueta, E., Melcón, M., Jensen, O., & Capilla, A. (2020). The ‘Narcissus Effect’: Top-down alpha-beta band modulation of face-related brain areas during self-face processing. NeuroImage, 116754.

Dec-2018 / Interesting talk: 
El sendero de la neurociencia on December 12th at 6:00 pm, salón de actos del CSIC (Serrano, 117, Madrid). Also in streaming.

Sept-2018 / In La Noche Europea de los Investigadores we tested the memory and attention of our audience. A lot of children came to our stand to know more about how the brain works, and to see their brain waves with EEG.

Jul-2018 / The 3rd Edition of NeuroBeers on July 5th was a success.

Javier González-Rosa explained to us the basis of brain stimulation…

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Feb-2018 / Ediciones UAM has just published: Psychtoolbox. A brief guide to start programming experiments in Psychology,
by María Hernández-Lorca and Almudena Capilla